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Grace to Empower Sisters Women's Group

The Grace to Empower Sisters (GEMS) is modeled from the Emotions Anonymous 12-step recovery program is for individuals experiencing anxiety, grief, depression, anger, low self-esteem, and other emotional difficulties.  The 12-step Recovery Program topics include:

  • Admitting powerlessness over emotions
  • Acknowledging God
  • Turning one's life over to that higher power
  • Taking a moral inventory
  • Admitting personal wrongs
  • Acknowledging the ability of the higher power to remedy character defects
  • ​And more.

GEMS goals for each woman is to:

  • empower women to find their worth and value 
  • assist women in overcoming obstacles and adversities
  • to provide a safe environment - judgement free zone
  • allow for freedom to acknowledge pain and emotions

The mission of GEMS is for women to experience greater freedom, joy, hope and love as each women pursues her purpose. 

GEMS meets Monday -  bi-weekly. - Cost is Free

Registration is Required - 

Facilitator: Traci Cole - (732) 873-2777

​Meetings are held: 225 DeMott Lane, Suite 204, Somerset, NJ 08873